We are not amused

Despite my blasé tweet:-

    Phew. Relieved I didn’t make it through to the next round of #laughtrack. Workshop on 24th clashed with dentist appt

I was a tad disappointed not to progress to the next stage with my BBC laughtrack TV sitcom competition entry; The Black Hats: about a team of inept Computer Hackers in a house share hacktivating their way to disaster.

    “Black Hats” [blak hatz]: A phrase with origins in western movies for the bad guys who stereotypically wear a black hat in contrast to the hero’s white hat. Now also used to refer to a computer hacker who breaks into networks or computers, or creates computer viruses. In contrast the White Hats develop the counter measures.

But it felt rushed – probably because it was. And that made it clumsy in places where it could have been improved with focused re-writes. With 800+ entries there are bound to be plenty that are more polished and not rushed and I’m competing against all of those and some. There’s definitely a lesson about when writing to deadlines don’t underestimate the time needed for re-writes.

As it happens the process of creating the premise and developing interesting characters and an amusing story was enjoyable, and a good discipline and practice.

A reason it was rushed was because I have several other irons poking into the fire at the moment. One of which is awaiting feedback on a radio audience comedy I submitted through the BBC writers room earlier in the year. I re-read that last night coincidentally and really enjoyed the whimsical nature of it – which I couldn’t replicate in the TV sitcom environment. Whether that means I prefer writing for radio – which I think I might but don’t want to commit to yet – I’m not entirely sure… but secretly I’m hoping for some positive feedback on the radio comedy so that I can write the other episodes I have ideas for.

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