Blagging your way to the Royal Suite.

I stayed in a 5* hotel last night and got upgraded to a superior room as a bonus. Ok it was a last “secret hotel” thingy deal for relatively sensible money. But it was still a five star hotel in the heart of London and actually it was never a secret because I’d worked out which it was from some crude googling. 5 star overlooking St Paul’s Cathedral narrows the field a little. Having complained that the Bluetooth signal on my bedroom “multimedia hub” was weaker than Chris Huhne’s forthcoming defence, I was upgraded to a superior room. This morning having hacked the lift and finding myself on the executive roof garden (from where the picture is take), I kicked myself for not finding three or four consecutive things to complain about last night as I could have woken up in the Royal Suite, in a bed the size of the Greek debt but without the downside of interference from Germans.